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Sunday, November 20, 2011

A healthy evironment?

So this morning Gramma was all cranky because she was running late to get somewhere she didn't want to go to, because she allowed herself to get talked into it.  When she gets home later she will be complaining that she didn't get anything done today.  How is this our problem? It isn't, and its not fair that she's short with my daughter because of her own decisions.  Then old Gramma comes downstairs, my daughter gets frustrated with her because she doesn't wear her hearing aids, and my daughter gets tired of repeating herself constantly , then she gets frustrated with my daughter because she can't figure out what she's talking about.  Long ago I stopped playing translator, spending hours of my day repeating things that are not worth repeating.  Old Gramma just doesn't care about making us all deaf, so we walk into the house regularly to two televisions that are both at maximum volume.  Even then she can't hear them, not well enough to understand dialogue,  she has multiple pairs of TV ears, which actually work, with which she can understand a TV show.  She doesn't use them though unless someone fetches them for her, turns them on, turns down the TV, and guess what, that isnt my job either.  So my daughter and I just spend our time in the basement or our rooms. This is even more so since she absolutely had to have a new dog. She is incapable of taking care of this dog, walking it, feeding it, even coexisting with it. So now she spends all day yelling at a dog that she had to have, a dog she still claims she wants, a dog that my MIL has to take care of, a dog that destroys everything it can get access to. Ultimately a dog that has everyone living like prisoners in a house that is supposed to be our home.  It's not exactly a welcoming environment, not a place I'd even want to have friends over to, assuming that there was a place to have them, or that I had any.

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  1. Your response to all of these things just emphasizes why it is time for you and Hannah to move out to a place of your own. This living situation worked at the beginning, but now it does not.

    Please don't let this situation turn you into someone who doesn't care about others .. I know .. these are tough conditions you're living with, but they're bringing out a not-so-nice side that I don't think is really you. OK, Dr. Mom will leave this alone now. (And I do know how this is ... my parents lived with us 6+ months every year for many years.)