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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

My Daughter

So my little girl isn't so little anymore, she tells me to take her home "straightaway" after school, and navigates apps on her table with no assistance.  She's growing up so quickly, and day by day seems to be turning into a little version of myself.  Now as flattering as this is, it's probably not for the best, in many ways she'd probably be better off taking on some of her mother's traits, but I'm what she's exposed to day in and day out.  If she were more like her late mother her room would always be clean, she'd always be on time, she'd be neurotic about getting her daily to-do list completed.  Of course there is also a list of things that would make her like her mother that I just assume she not pick up, in these departments I'm happy to have her follow in my footsteps.  She does need some positive non-grandma female influences in her life though.  I think we're going to start doing more outings with the local widows and their kids, I think it'll be good for both of us.

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  1. I think it will be good for both of you, too, Peter. You've done a fabulous job raising Hannah and giving her female influences through her dance lessons and all of your fun outings. Keep it up and open some new horizons, too. Can't wait to hear of your adventures!