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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

S and M

So, I haven't written in a while, as y'all know M is out of the picture, I was defriended by 3 people in 2 days, no final note or anything, just gone, life goes on, I still don't get why she felt the need to leave WV, but to each their own right.

Well I'm actually thankful to M for leaving, objectively looking at it now, while it sounded fantastic, I've been able to identify a number of things that would have become issues, and that isn't factoring in the distance.  So I am glad that things ended as harshly as they did, it put it in the past, otherwise I may have remained hung up on it for a good long while.

I also realized some things during the time talking to and after talking to M, things about who I am looking for and what really matters.  Things that put me into a better position to see that those things might be available right here with someone I already know, someone who sorta has a crush on me already.  Someone that was flying below my radar for a number of reasons (one of them could be that she literally exists below my field of vision, the top of her head barely reaches the bottom button on my polo shirts).  That person is S.

So we will see what happens...