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Thursday, November 24, 2011


I've never been a big believer in signs, there have been a few times in my life though when I have felt that I was getting signs, I've always chalked it up to the rationalization that if you deep down know what you want, you're going to see things that point you in that direction, and that made sense.  I've always been one to explain things away with logic, probably because I wanted to, I like logic.  So far this week though I've had a few signs.  They might not seem like much, but I pull into the parking lot at Hannah's school on Monday, and parked next to me is a car I'd never seen there before, it was a car I don't know I've ever seen in person, a Chevy Traverse.  There have been a few other things, but just now something happened that totally caught me off guard, I pulled up the TV guide listings page to look something up, and the same ad kept popping up, over and over, for a store I had never even heard of until recently, White House Black Market, it was honestly like getting slapped in the face. I suppose that the site could be reading a cookie on my machine because I did google the place when I first heard of it, but what are the chances of that popping up right now on Thanksgiving morning.  I'm not going to start speculating about what it means right now, but it's hard not to think that just maybe I should be thankful that the person I associate these things with is in my life now in some fashion, even as a friend.

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